Aluminium Louvres - External

A louvre is a window blind or shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air, but to keep out rain and direct sunshine. The angle of the slats may be adjustable, usually in blinds and windows, or fixed. Louvre systems can be adapted to any application both commercial and residential. It is a durable external louver system with lateral guides. It provides the ideal solution to any opening where sun control, light control and day lighting is required.


  • Privacy protection when required
  • High wind resistance capacity
  • Safety standards according to EN13659
  • The system functions in ice conditions
  • Internal patented chain-belt tension system within side guide assures proper positioning of louvers and eliminates any jamming that may occur
  • The view is not obstructed by cords or ladders
  • Automatic closure, locks louvers shut in the lowered position to provide a form of security
  • Slats are compact and stack tightly
  • Optimization of lighting and shading as slats can tilt in any position based on the sun’s angle
  • Optimal shading solution in managing thermal gain and glare while providing natural daylight
  • They can be retracted when shading is not required
  • Wide selection of slat finishes to compliment any architectural detail
  • Integration of intelligent controls makes an effective solution and contributes to the development of Dynamic Façade

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