Aluminuim Louvre Shutters

Part of Zenera’s full product line is our outdoor shutter range. Why not enclose an outdoor area that you love spending time in, and turn it into a whole new room and enjoy more space? With Zenera , you can install external aluminium shutters to sit under your Opening Roof and to close in the sides of your deck, patio or veranda. Enjoy shelter from the sun and added privacy and style.

You can also use our shutter range as an external window treatment. Think about it – curtains aren’t as durable as the sun perishes them, they get dirty quickly and take up a lot of the window space. But with louvre shutters, you don’t have these problems. Sun louvres are super stylish, they’re versatile, low maintenance, and installed to stay, so you won’t have to take them down. They’re made from aluminium, which is long-lasting, lightweight and easy to clean – all you need to do is wipe them down!

We have a wide range to choose from, including the following: 

  • Sliding shutters 
  • Bifolding shutters 
  • Hinged external shutters 
  • Top hung sliders 
  • Hinged shutter doors 
  • Plantation shutters 
  • Midi louvres installed as slides 

Color Options

RAL 7001
RAL 7012
RAL 7015
RAL 7013
RAL 7006
RAL 7043
RAL 7045
RAL 7044
RAL 7035
RAL 7036
RAL 7032
RAL 7034
RAL 7021
RAL 7022
RAL 7024
RAL 8028
RAL 8014
RAL 8017
RAL 8025
RAL 8007
RAL 8000
RAL 8001
RAL 8011
RAL 8002
White and Black
RAL 9010
RAL 9016
RAL 9002
RAL 9001
RAL 9004
RAL 9011
Other Shades
RAL 6013
RAL 6010
RAL 6021
RAL 6003
RAL 5018
RAL 5020
RAL 5017
RAL 5009
RAL 3011
RAL 3005
RAL 3027
RAL 3012
RAL 3022
RAL 1011
RAL 1015
RAL 1001
RAL 1002
RAL 1024
RAL 1027

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