Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding

Composite Panel Cladding

Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding (ACP) is a widely-used term, describing flat panels that consist of thermoplastic core bonded between two aluminum sheets. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding of buildings (building facades). The main advantage of ACP is that, it is very rigid and strong, despite of its light weight. Due to the ability of painting the aluminum in any colour, ACPs are produced in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colours as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble. Applications of ACPs are not limited to building’s external cladding; they can be used in any cladding application, partitions, false ceilings etc. Aluminum composite panel are available in various thickness and various brands. ACP sheet are excellent in finish and are PVDF coated which is up to 35 micron. It can be bent, cut, drilled, punched and easily shaped into complex shapes. Easy installation and fabrication save cost and time periods of construction.


  • Ultra modern look and excellent flatness.
  • Light weight.
  • Sound insulation and pollution resistant.
  •  Acid, alkali and salt spray resistant.
  • Smooth paint finish and stability of flatness.
  • Excellent UV characteristics.
  • Resistant to blow and breakage.
  • Minimizes vibration noise.
  • Heat insulation
  • Ease of installation and fabrication.
  • Complex shapes possible.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Superior flatness to other cladding products.Various colour choice.

Pattern Options

HPL 30 Cocoa Teak

HPL 04 American Walnut

HPL 31 Sharun Teak

HPL 37 Zebrawood Light

HPL 40 Macassar Dark

HPL 42 Crotch Burl Light

HPL 43 Crotch Burl

HPL 44 Crotch Burl Dark

HPL 46 Classico Pine

HPL 47 Hickory Brown

HPL 121 Armani Cappuccino

HPL 104 Apuan

HPL 54 Heartwood Hazelnut

HPL 50 Joburg Knotty Grey

HPL 48 Hickory Grey

HPL 45 Anteak

TR-51 Heartwood Tawny

TR 49 Joburg Knotty Brown

TR-47 Hickory Brown

TR-04 American Walnut

TR-25 Plush Walnut

TR-42 Crotch Burl Light

TR-43 Crotch Burl

TR-44 Crotch Burl Dark

TR-46 Classico Pine

TR-02 Country Pine

TR-03 Teak Coffee

TR-12 Cherry Cherry

TR-13 Cocoa Beech

TR-01 Mahogany Red

TR-17 Colonial Maple

TR-18 Dove Maple

TR-19 Melow Maple

TR-37 Zebrawood Light

TR-30 Cocoa Teak

TR-31 Sharun Teak

TR-23 Java Teak

TR-24 Eternal Teak

SH-030 Glossy Champagne Silver

SH-010 Glossy Exotic Silver

SH-070 Glossy Gold

SH-050 Glossy Champagne Gold

SH-090 Glossy Bronze

SH-060 Glossy Copper

SH-320 Glossy Metallic Black

SH-110 Glossy Fashion Grey

SH-203 Glossy Pearl White

SH-201 Glossy Pure White

SH-220 Glossy Off White

SH-310 Glossy Black

SH-480 Glossy Oxford Blue

SH-730 Glossy Red

SP-01(E) Butler Silver

PE-14 Oxidised Brushed

PE-18 Exotic Brushed

PE-16 Copper Brushed

PE-15 Bronze Brushed

PE-19 Graphite Brushed

PE-05(N) Titanium Brushed

AD-01 Exotic Silver

AD-02 Soothing Silver

AD-03 Champagne Silver

AD-05 Champagne Gold

AD-09 Bronze

AD-84 Rose Metallic

AD-06 | Copper

AD-07 Gold

AD-04 Jade Green

AD-32 Metallic Black

AD-301 Gun Metallic

AD-302 Grey Metallic

AD-81 Wine Red

AD-82 Pearl Copper

AD-83 Coffee Brown

AD-12 Yellow

AD-92 Bright Orange

AD-508 Alu Gold

AD-7001 Dark Bronze

AD-7002 Coal Grey

AD-42 Light Blue

AD-43 Signal Blue

AD-11 Fashion Grey

AD-52 Bright Green

AD-31 Black

AD-21 White

AD-201 Pure White

AD-206 Brilliant White

AD-22 Off White

AD-202 Milky White

AD-207 New White

AD-08 Metallic Blue

AD-02 Soothing Silver

AD-05 Champagne Gold

AD-06 Copper

AD-61 Traffic Yellow

SP-01 Butler Silver

SP-02 Butler Gold

SP-04 Mirror

SP-04(N) Mirror

SP-05 Butler Steel

SP-05(I) Butler Steel

SH-201 Glossy Pure White

SP-105 Gold Mirror

AD - 1001 Sparkling Silver

AD - 2001 Evershine White

PE - 11 Titanium Half Brushed

SP - 06E Stainless Steel (Exterior)

PE - 05 Titanium Brushed

PE - 10 Natural Brushed Aluminium

PE - 12 Steel Full Brushed

PE - 13 Steel Half Brushed

ZA - Anthra

ZPB - Pigmento Blue

ZPR - Pigmento Red

ZPO - Pigmento Orange

ZPG - Pigmento Grey

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