Exterior High pressure Laminate Cladding

Exterior Laminate Cladding

HPL represents a new generation of hi-definition and durable architectural facades, manufactured from high pressure laminates (HPL). HPL boards, with reference to EN 438-4, consist of multiple core layers and a decorative resin-impregnated paper. HPL is a perfect material for surfaces that require enhanced durability and impact resistance. The product is ideal for facade cladding, balcony infills, soffits, solar shading and may other different applications.

HPL is available in numerous standard colours and four textures. If you have a project which requires a bespoke colour or finish, please consult our technical sales team who will be able to provide samples and assistance.

High pressure laminate panels contain up to 70% natural fibres and require very little ongoing maintenance after installation. The unique closed cell uniform surface of Kronoart panels resists almost all accumulation of dirt.

The panels are highly scratch and impact resistant compared to many other types of facade materials. As such they are ideal for use at low levels in high impact and footfall area.

Installation and Design

The facade material needs to have the ability to expand and contract independently from its associated load bearing sub-frame, due to the natural effects of heat and moisture. This restricts the maximum size of panels, as well as the minimum dimensions of the joints between panels. Please consult our technical sales team for further information.

HPL panels must be installed on a supporting sub-frame which has been calculated, and is agreed to be of sufficient strength and durability to support the panel throughout its life span.

HPL requires a suitable drainage cavity at the rear of the panel to ensure that any moisture trapped is able to ventilate away.

If you have a project that requires in the region of 300sqm+ of digitally printed cladding material, please send us your concept visual for discussion.

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